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Taiwan Dog- Necklace #NSPN13

Taiwan Dog- Necklace #NSPN13

3.600NT$ Standardpreis


材質 : 銀

尺寸 : 38x35 mm, 鍊長 : 15", 18"

** 如作品標示已售出,再訂製需3-4週工作天 **


Material : Silver

Measurement : 30x35 mm, Length : 15", 18"

** Some of our artworks are custom-made, and it normally takes 3-4 weeks. **

  • Shopping Info

    付款方式 : 我們接受Paypal及轉帳匯款。



    Payment Methods: We accept payments by Paypal, wired transfer.

    ※Some of our artworks are custom-made, and it normally takes 3-4 weeks. If you have urgent requests or needs for customization, please contact us by email:

  • Artist Statement



    瞇瞇眼的台灣黑熊,胸口有月牙般的v領,外國朋友給他取了一個溫柔的名字聽說叫Moon Bear

    臉蛋小的台灣獼猴(黑肢猴) ,是除了人類以外唯一原住於台灣的靈長類,她愛吃香蕉芒果荔枝柳丁





    Native Taiwan

    Well-nurtured by this wonderful land, we can only thank Her with our hand-mades.

    Born with narrowing eyes and crescent moon in the chest, The Formosa Black Bear has a name called "Moon Bear" Given by some foreign friends.

    In Taiwan the only native primate besides you and me, The Formosa Rock Macaque stuffs cheeks tiny With mangos, bananas, oranges and lychees.

    Firmly-shaped Formosa Mountain Dogs. Among the stoned terrain daily across, Highly intelligent, silly hair style though, Knows nothing besides being loyal.

    Taiwan Blue Magpies tweets sounds hoarse, Known for beautiful, long tails, these ember of the crows, Always flock together with beloved sisters and brothers.

    Papilio Maraho are found on red things' sides, Slowly flies, gently glides, Japanese friends say they are dream-like butterflies.


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