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Dream Chaser - Earring #3

Dream Chaser - Earring #3


華麗的一瞬 - 鳥樂園耳環


4x2x2.7 cm



Dream Chaser - Bird paradise earring

Plastic, paint, silver, crystal resin

4x2x2.7 cm


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    付款方式 : 我們接受Paypal及轉帳匯款。



    Payment Methods: We accept payments by Paypal, wired transfer.

    ※Some of our artworks are custom-made, and it normally takes 3-4 weeks. If you have urgent requests or needs for customization, please contact us by email:

  • Artist Statement




    ‘’Catch and Elapse’’ are the keywords of the subjective and gives me feelings that everything’s happened just like in the blink of an eye but there are some beautiful details are hidden behind.

    Athlete in order to achieve the goals, they concentrate on minds and body, and then show the power and beauty. In the amazing moment, that is always attracting people very much. Before these moments, athletes observe, practice, and scenario planning, and they also experience fail to achieve, get hurt, and an uncountable one more time. There are no doubts that their successes come from their persistence of every second. Therefore, in the dream chaser series I attempt to raise these moments, no matter success or failure, the process may encourage people in the life.

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